Exposing the Hype.

Nearly two thirds of businesses think AI will help them identify critical threats - and 69% believe AI is necessary to respond to cyberattacks.

AI HypeLet’s cut through the noise.

Businesses expect a lot from AI these days. But there’s a growing gap between hype and reality. Recent research showed that of 2,830 startups in Europe classified as ‘AI companies’, 40% don’t use AI in any material way. It’s time to expose the hype and uncover what cybersecurity AI can really do for your business.

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Censornet CTO Richard Walters walks you through the fact and fiction surrounding AI’s role in cybersecurity. Discover the key technologies driving change in the industry, investigate the best tools for your use case, and identify the ten steps to effective cybersecurity AI.

It’s the perfect way to expose the hype and get the best out of AI.

Discover the true role of AI in Cyber Security.

Cut through the facts and fiction with our Exposing the Hype whitepaper.