Is visibility into cloud applications enough? Or is it time for full control?

CensorNet's Chief Security Strategist talks to 451 Research about the major threats you're facing with cloud application security and how to solve those challenges.

In this bite-size webinar we discuss some of the following:

  • What are the biggest challenges facing businesses using cloud applications?
  • What are the traditional limitations to cloud application security solutions?
  • What are the new Malware threats?
  • How can you shift from just visibility to full control over cloud applications?

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CensorNet’s award winning cloud-based security puts the security team back in control! Our unique Unified Security Service (USS) offers email security, web security, CASB and MFA on a single platform. It allows you to see and respond to threats from both inside and outside your organization in real-time, from one single dashboard instead of having to navigate a multitude of siloed products.


Cloud Application Security: Gain visibility inside all cloud applications. See uploads, usage and suspicious activity, and set appropriate controls.


Web Security: Provide complete security policy protection seamlessly for the entire workforce, inclusive of any device.


Email Security: Cloud-based, multi-layer security against attacks, including targeted attacks like phishing and malware.


Multi-Factor Authentication: Adaptive and user-centric authentication using contextual intelligence to ensure highly secure user authentication.


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