UK Companies on Cyber 'Red Alert'

Discover new and emerging cybersecurity threats targeting the UK mid-market.

New research from Censornet uncovers how companies are fending off cyber attacks, where the biggest weaknesses are - and what can be done to improve defences.

According to the UK Government, Britain is now the third most targeted country in the world by hostile state cyber-attacks - and SMEs face a 50% chance of suffering a breach. Find out what you can do about it.

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Two in three mid-market organisations suffered an outage, and one in five paid a ransom to recover stolen data.

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 Mitigate the Human Cost

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Find out how to improve your protection against multi-channel attacks.

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Misplaced Confidence

Two thirds of the mid-market believe their cybersecurity is future-proofed. But the figures tell a different story.

Catastrophic breaches are on the rise, as too many organisations face fundamental security weaknesses.


Half saw their systems knocked offline for more than a day.


The average ransomware payout was £144,000, with 7% paying more than £500,000.


Only half can prevent dangerous attachments reaching inboxes.


Fewer than half (43%) have complete visibility into all cloud app use.


Six in ten can’t prevent cross-channel attacks across email, web or cloud apps.

The Human Cost

Yesterday’s technology is no longer enough to protect organisations from the threats of today.

The new normal of cloud-enabled hybrid working and the devastating nature of today’s threats requires a step-change in protection which can only be achieved through autonomous, integrated cloud security.

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